Dartmoor Wedding Ceilidh Adventures

Paddy's Whiskers all set up for another Devon Wedding Ceilidh

Paddy’s Whiskers all set up for another Devon Wedding Ceilidh

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted on our Cool Ceilidh blog – sorry – we’ve been busy building a new band website here.

Anyhow, it was great to shake off the post New Year’s Eve lethargy with a trip across a dark windswept Dartmoor to play a wedding ceilidh for Nick and Nicola at The Two Bridges Hotel on the 3rd January.

At 5:30pm, we dodged the torrential rain showers to bring in the gear from the van and set up – and were warmed by the welcome from both the bride and groom and the staff at The Two Bridges.

At 7:30pm Nick and Nicola kicked off the dancing – choosing Paddy’s Whiskers unique first dance for weddings – where the guests make an arch for bride and groom to dance through.After that we hit the ground running with a series of barn dances, songs and tunes until buffet break at 9pm. Half an hour later, we launched the second set with a new set of jigs played by Jules on the border bagpipes. The great crowd kept the floor full all night.

Near half ten we switched from live music to the Whiskers disco – always a great way to end the night and the guests grooved until midnight.

The rain stopped just in time for us to pack up and load the van. Home and in bed by 3:00am.

Another great night. It’s a privilege to do something you love for your work……

A ceilidh or barn dance is a fantastic ice breaker for weddings and other special events. Why not visit our special website dedicated to barn dances and ceilidhs in Devon, Cornwall and across the South West for more information?


Where to Catch Paddy’s Whiskers Live This Summer

Paddy's Whiskers playing live Irish music for a ceilidh or barndance in Devon

See Paddy’s Whiskers Live This Summer

The Whiskers summer 2013 schedule is solidly booked with gigs, ceilidhs and barn dances in Devon, Cornwall and across the South West.

We keep getting asked where you can catch us playing live. You can always see a complete list of forthcoming gigs and hear our music at Paddy’s Whiskers Myspace site.

Meanwhile here are our next public shows:

Saturday 18th May 7:30pm Hinton St. George Village Hall

Saturday 6th July 2:00pm Collaton St. Mary Country Show

Saturday 13th July 4:00pm Glas-Denbury Festival

Sunday 25th August 2:30pm The Boathouse, Preston, Paignton

Saturday 7th September Fishstock Festival, Brixham (TBC)

Sunday 15th September Harvest Festival, Occombe Farm, Paignton

We hope to see you there!!

Paddy’s Whiskers – Travelling Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band

Guests dancing to Paddy's Whiskers Devon Ceilidh and Barn dance band

Paddy’s Whiskers Travelling Across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and the South West to bring cool ceilidh’s and barn dances

Travelling is in our blood. Andrew and Jules from Paddy’s Whiskers learned their music on the road….busking and gigging around Europe…living in an old bus for a dozen years. Our son Blake even spent the first six months of his life living in an old French coach in a field in Spain.

These days we are firmly planted back in the UK, and our travelling vehicle is a much smaller (but very reliable) VW Transporter. The Whiskers have been playing ceilidhs and barn dances across Devon, Somerset, Cornwall and Dorset for the last six years. We’ve been to some amazing and beautiful places…hidden barns, country houses, napoleonic sea forts, exclusive hotels, a cave(!), forest clearings, churches, pubs, fields, marquees, festivals, flatbed lorries….you name it…we’ve played there. We are not phased by muddy tracks or difficult access, but we scrub up well when we need to.

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of playing a ceilidh for Pete and Hayley’s wedding celebration at The Corn Barn, Cullompton. What a beautiful venue, set in amazing countryside. Highly recommended…see the picture above!

Here’s a link to our website dedicated to Paddy’s Whiskers’ cool ceilidhs and barn dances in Devon and the South West.


The Post-Gig Glow

Devon based Irish band Paddy's Whiskers celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Paddy’s Whiskers Irish Band Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

“You only feel as good as your last gig”. Never a truer word spoken, and this week the Whiskers are on cloud 9 after two barnstorming gigs last weekend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

On Friday night we played as a trio out at The Dartmoor Halfway Inn – between Newton Abbot and Ashburton. It was pissing with rain as we left home, the van packed with gear – and we were thinking this would stop people turning out. We need not have worried…the bar was rammed, the Guinness was flowing and the crowd danced from the beginning to the last notes of the last reel…

On Saturday we played at The Snooty Fox in St. Marychurch, Torquay…recently taken over by Leanne..who is vowing to make it a successful traditional pub. Guinness was cheap, whisky shots were cheaper, and the free drinks for customers and the band just kept on coming. The pub was packed….the Whiskers fielded their full four piece line up and everything grooved.

Best of all were the Whiskers friends who we’ve seen before and who turned out in force to support us on both nights. Fantastic. Thank you folks…..

Why not book Paddy’s Whiskers to lively up your festival, bar, wedding, party, ceilidh or barn dance in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or across the South West?

Visit our myspace site to hear the Whiskers music and see a list of forthcoming gigs – catch us live somewhere!

And here’s a link to our special website dedicated to barndances and ceilidhs in Devon and the South West.

And we broke 300 likes on our Facebook page!!


Playing With Electricity

Ceilidhs and barn dances with a contemporary edge – the speciality of Paddy’s Whiskers and our duo Re-Jig.

Usually when playing live we are an all acoustic band – fiddles, pipes, banjos, guitars and percussion….but we like our dance music too. Check out a mix we laid down a year or so ago….and a special prize to anybody who can put a name to the voice sample.

We are working on more electric mixes….and the return of the live “Banjo & Beats” project. Paddy’s Whiskers – giving you a truly “Cool Ceilidh”!

With their own resident DJ for the after-gig party, the Whiskers can give you everything you need for a great celebration. We bring awesome lighting and a solid, sweet PA system.

Here’s a link to our special website dedicated to barndances and ceilidhs in Devon and the South West.


Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Paddy’s Whiskers

Footstomping Irish Music From Paddy's Whiskers Devon Ceilidh Barndance Band

St. Patrick’s Day party with Paddy’s Whiskers

Live Irish Music From Paddy's Whiskers

Live music with Paddy’s Whiskers to celebrate St. Patricks Day

Opportunities to see Paddy’s Whiskers playing live coming up over St. Patrick’s weekend. No caller for ceilidh dancing – but there WILL be dancing! Friday the 15th we are at The Dartmoor Halfway Inn in Bickington near Newton Abbot and on Saturday 16th March we are at The Snooty Fox in St. Marychurch.

Footstomping live Irish, American and Celtic music….plenty of well known songs to drink Guinness to and fast and furious jigs and reels to fill the floor.

Hear our music and see a list of gigs at our Myspace page. Check out our special website dedicated to barndances and ceilidhs in Devon and the South West.


Learn To Play Those Footstomping Ceilidh Tunes

Folk Fiddle and Violin Lessons

Folk Fiddle Lessons

Banjo Mandolin Lessons Devon

Banjo & Mandolin Lessons Devon

If you would like to learn to play the footstomping celtic barndance and ceilidh tunes that Paddy’s Whiskers play each weekend then Andrew and Jules from the band offer lessons for all ages and abilities.

We teach fiddle, tenor banjo, 5 string banjo, mandolin, octave mandola and guitar from our home base in Paignton, Devon. Teaching is ‘by ear’ and/or from sheet music or tablature and music reading skills can also be taught at the same time (but are not necessary). We support learning by providing recordings of tunes being learned on CD and sheet music or tablature to take home when appropriate.

Why not give us a call on 01803 520798 or 07514064558? Or email us at info@paddyswhiskers.co.uk.